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This hails, she is crazy!!! (Taken with Instagram at Vaaldam Riverside)
Camping with the family this weekend close to the Vaal river (Taken with Instagram at Vaaldam Riverside)

Freaky flower (Taken with Instagram)
Sunday afternoon ontop of the world in Eze, France (Taken with Instagram at Chateau Eza)
Which is better? (Taken with Instagram)
Which is better ? (Taken with Instagram)
Who would have thunk it a rhinozebra in France (Taken with Instagram at Beaulieu-sur-mer)
Awesome Reef Road Rum Bar baby blue LIMITED EDITION T-shirt medium men’s bidding to start at $1000000,00 RIP REEF ROAD you will be sorely missed!!!! (Taken with Instagram)
Last day in France before flying to london then South Africa (Taken with Instagram at La Reserve)
Tips @pockets72  (Taken with Instagram)
Double rainbow (Taken with Instagram)
Work that anchor boi @badshoot  (Taken with Instagram)